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Today, I would like to talk about my absolute favorite Memebox to date: F/W Colors. When Memebox first put out color boxes, I bought the orange one. I liked it, and said to my boy, “Man, if they put these out in green, purple, and pink, I would totally have to buy them all!” Low and behold, the very next day, Memebox put this box out. Of course, I immediately snatched it up and waited on edge for it to come.

Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W colors

There she is, in all her glory!

When I first opened this up, I squealed in delight. I was so so happy. There was no Cheek Room or Hope Girl! Isn’t that every Memelover’s dream?

Alright, so let’s dive in, starting with swatches:

Memebox F/W color swatches

From L to R: Witch’s Pouch Love Me Blusher 07 Sexy Swan, DD’ell Illumination Eye Shadow 15 Shimmer Green, DD’ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil in 08 Garden Light and 06 Twilight Pruple, Witch’s Pouch POPO Lipstick S23 Orchid Plum, & YADAH Angel Tint 02 Red Wine-Gromwell

Onto the reviews!

I really like both colors of the eyeliner. It is a nice soft pencil and glides on easily. The green only required one swipe to show up opaque, but I needed to swipe the purple a few times. They’re both such lovely colors. They also stay put on my greasy eyelids without a primer! That is huge for me. 3.5/5 for purple 4/5 for green.

The DD’ell eye shadow is a gorgeous shimmery green. I needed a primer to get it to show up well, but it looked so pretty, especially paired with the green eyeliner. I really like it, and I don’t really have many green shadows, so this was good for me. 3/5

The fairy on top of the Shara Shara Fairy’s Perfume Nail is super cute! I tried to take a picture of it, but failed pretty hard. I just couldn’t get my camera to focus on it. (I could probably use a new camera if I’m going to blog)

See? You can tell she's a lovely lady, at least.

See? You can tell she’s a lovely lady, at least.

Well it took a couple coats of this to become opaque, but it’s a nice color. It’s a bit too glittery for me, but I will still use it. 2.5/5

Next up are the two Witch’s Pouch items. Ahhh, Witch’s Pouch. I have three items from them from this and a global Memebox. I absolutely adore them all. Hey, Memebox, if you’re reading this, please add more of this brand to your store! Heck, make a Witch’s Pouch box! I’d grab that so freaking quickly. Anyway, first up, the blusher. This color is strong. The first time I tried to use it, I looked clownish. So I removed it and put it on with a much lighter touch. It’s a gorgeous color, especially for cold weather. It makes you look like you were just out doors on a lovely cold Winter day. It’s fabulous! 4.5/5

Next up, the lipstick. Sigh. This lipstick. It has very quickly become the only lippie I ever want to put on. It’s an incredible orchid color, that is a great statement color, without being overbearing. It goes on creamy, and does not dry out over time. It’s staying power is pretty good, and even after it’s worn off, my lips are lightly tinted that lovely orchid. I need more of this POPO lipstick, Memebox! I also really like the packaging. It’s really cute, in a classy, minimalist way. The best lip item I own/5.

We’ve finally reached the last item: the angel lip tint. The packaging of this tint is pretty cute, with this weird doll girl on it.

Some people may think she's creepy, I think she's adorable.

Some people may think she’s creepy, I think she’s adorable.

I really like this color. It’s a nice wine red, and has good buildability. (Not that that is an actual word) If I want to wear it out during the day, I either just put on one layer, or do a gradient lip with it. At night, a few layers and it’s a sexy, statement red. It’s one of the better tints I own. 4/5

So, in conclusion, if you see a restock of this (it’s already happened once, maybe it will happen again) BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!

I should be getting my Cafe Box on Thursday or Friday, if everything goes well while it’s in USPS’ hands. So, see ya then!