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I am not even sure how to start this blog. I guess I want to say, that at least when it comes to Memebox, I am generally calm and patient. I see the upside in boxes that are raged about. Today, I received my first Memebundle. I got Petit Treasures and Apple Mojito. ┬áThese boxes were priced at $19. They were not specified to be a mini box or anything, even though they were below the average $23 box. They were also priced higher than the standard mini box, which comes in at $15. So, being in between these two price points, I didn’t expect 7 or 8 items, like in a standard Memebox. I figured maybe 5 or 6. I did not expect FOUR. Four measly items in this petit treasures box. I opened up my brown Meme box to see the tiniest pink box Meme has. “Well this box DOES have tiny things in it”, I reasoned. I picked it up, and if contents didn’t shift, I would have thought the box was empty. Again, I thought “PETIT treasures.” I opened it up.

Petit Treasures card front

“Ok, these are some decent items. There will probably be five items in there, and we’re off to a pretty good start.”

Petit Treasures card back

“… … …Uh. What?”

Four items, and the two on the back are BAAADDDD.

So here goes my focus on to the items.

#1 RE:CIPE by Nature Ice cream swing gloss #2 Sweet Fiona Meme price: $5 (I normally don’t do this, but it will come into play further along)

I haven’t used this yet, as I literally got it 20 minutes ago. I have stated in the past that I do not like potted lip stuff. It’s sticky, and greasy and I don’t like my hands feeling either of those things. However, since Memebox curates a least one god damn potted lip item into 90% of the boxes I order, I will use this one because a. it’s adorable, b. it has a key chain, so I can put it on my keys, and c. I don’t have anyone else to give potted lip balms to! As stated, this thing is super cute. It’s shaped like an ice cream cone and is in my favorite color, mint green. The smell is kind of hard to describe, but it seems to be somewhere between lime and mint? THIS is the balm that should have gone into Apple Mojito Memebox!!

#2 Shara Shara Revital Magic cream. Memeprice $16

Memebox puts Shara Shara into every box, so I’m not surprised to see it in here. At least it’s not makeup (which is unfortunately coming along in a bit). I hear decent things about their skincare, so I would like to try this, I think. The tin it comes in is really cute. I like smiling girl/doll things, though. It looks like clay and smells like eucalyptus. The ingredients are free of mineral oil, benzophenone, alcohol, artificial fragrances, triclosan and propylene glycol, so this might be good on sensitive skin. This is the first item I have see with a use by date on the card, which is July 21st. 2015. That is very specific.


#3: ddung Lovely girl mascara. Memeprice: $24.

This is plain ass mascara in a purple lacy printed package. The card says it’s long lasting and lengthening, but seriously, what mascara isn’t? I haven’t had a non-water-proof mascara smudge or flake off in YEARS. The wand is even competely normal. LOOK AT HOW PLAIN IT IS!

ddung mascara wand

It looks like someone went into sephora, grabbed a bunch of wands from the areas where you try out shit and jammed them into a screw on top. So, what about this plain as fuck mascara is worth $24?! This is the where the value of the box is supposed to come from?! I’m obviously raging about it, and need to chill out. It’s probably a nice mascara, but it makes me feel ripped off. If Meme had put a price of $12, I would have thought it inflated. This is probably a $6 mascara, tops. Using the power of Google, I have found it on sale for the USD equivalent of $4.59.

#4 Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher. Randomly chosen between pink and peach. Memeprice: $7

The dreaded Shara Shara make up. I am not opening it. I am giving it to a young girl so she can have play makeup. I assume this is like the it’skin blusher that was in a previous box I received. It looks pretty much the same, at least. I got this in pink. Blah.

This box has a Memeprice total of $52 (at least if I added that up in my head correctly. I am being hounded by a border collie while I write this), but that is absolute bullshit. It would probably really retail at half that.

Can you tell this is the worst box I have ever received? I am going to warn everyone. DO NOT BUY A MEMEBOX IF THE CURATION IS SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE. No one knows what the fuck cute is, or how to put together a box of decent value with it.

Thanks for reading my rant.