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Hi readers! This is my first product review.

I received this lipstick in the F/W Colors Memebox It have been using this lipstick almost exclusively since I received it. It is absolutely a holy grail lippie for me! I just wish it was easier to find Witch’s Pouch items. I have liked both that I have.

Here she is.

Here she is.

In the tube it looks so dark! I was a bit afraid of it when I first looked. I had never tried out such a dark color before! But then I swatched it and immediately fell in love!

Fresh swatch

Fresh swatch

It’s much pinker than I imagined. It’s really a dark magenta. This lipstick is so moisturizing, and last pretty darn long, even when eating. It only comes off when I wipe it off with a napkin while eating. Even after wiped off, it leaves a light stain, which is also really gorgeous if you don’t have the ability to reapply immediately.

Here's the stain after wiping off the lipstick

Here’s the stain after wiping off the lipstick

I would absolutely recommend this lipstick! It comes in a ton of colors too!

Witch's Pouch lippie colors

This photo was taken from i-charming.com which is Witch’s Pouch’s company’s website.

You can buy this lipstick in a few shades from http://vincci-vins.com/index.php/shop-by-brand/witchs-pouch/wp-kiss-lipstick.html. It’s called Kiss Me Lipstick, but it looks like the same thing. It is sold for 18.90 CAD.

You could also probably buy directly from http://witchsshop.kr/ via a shipping service, like Avecko.